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Your Music Speaks to Me

I hear the sounds, it comes to me while I sleep

I am awake now and I follow the path it has created

With gentle steps I tread silently towards the sounds

Very silently so as not to disturb the momentum

It is singing, it is strumming, it is beating, all at the same time

Like the pulse of a drum, it reverberates around the room

Closer it comes to me, it ripples down the walls

It encloses me from head to toe, I am wrapped in it

I feel its warmth, like a breath of wind

Gently pressed against my skin, it is the music of your love

The way your fingers glide along on its strings

Only you know by heart the rhythm of your guitar

What it does to the soul, to the heart

Without a word, only your music plays

It plays the songs of your heart

It speaks of your love and draws me closer to you

I love the way your music speaks to me

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