“Away From Home”

As the train sped towards union station, its final destination, trees whizzed by and the bright purple and white lilacs became a blur of blended colours.

A train passing the opposite side momentarily blocked out the view of the magnificent landscape and she was left with nothing to do but lean back, close her eyes, and listen to the sounds of the wheels rumbling on the tracks as it raced to its destination.

The rocking motion and the humming of the train’s engine soon lulled her into a deep sleep.

She welcomed what awaited her, and prepared herself for it, the only way she knew how.

She had to dream.

 Enter a world of fantasy, magic and suspense. A world where anything is possible – where anything can happen…

The Nanny

Enter a world of fantasy, magic and suspense.  A world where anything is possible – where anything can happen…

“That day was unusually windy.”  She took a sip of the hot brew before putting it back in its saucer.  “Fog covered most of the ground and you could not see the beauty of the gardens it was so foggy.”

“Of course,” she continued, “this particular day was a sad one.  If the eye were to travel way up to the topmost tower and peer through tiny stained glass windows, they would see that sadness seeping out beneath the windows.  You could feel the tension on your skin it was so thick.”  She shuddered as she got up and tucked the blankets under his chin.  He snuggled deeper within the pillows as he listened.


“So where are they now and how come you’re here and they’re not?”  he asked.  His nanny hung her head in silence as she debated whether to tell him anything further.  She decided it was best not to answer him as she knew that when the time came, he would know.

“I have not seen them since but I do know they will be lost forever if the child does not return to them,” she said as she bent to kiss him goodnight.

“I remember the day you were born.  I was there,” she said looking deep into his eyes.  “That tiny infant was you,” she whispered.

“You’re saying that’s what happened to me and my parents?” he asked doubtfully in hushed tones.

“I would not deceive you child,” she replied gently touching his cheek, although he could not miss seeing the sadness swimming in her eyes.  He saw that she was leaving it up to him whether or not to believe her.

“But, if you do not return to them, they will be lost forever,” she replied sorrowfully as she rose from the chair.

“Sweet dreams,” she said as she left the room, shutting the door quietly behind her and bathing the room in the orangey glow of the nightlights once again.

He lay there as he pondered her words and heard a tiny voice coming from one of the bookshelves.  He frowned as he raised his head and scanned the tiny figurines lining the shelf.  As he stared at the wizard in puzzlement, it began to move.

“She speaks the truth,” he said stepping closer to the edge of the shelf.  “I too can tell you what happened that day.”  The wizard told him a story for which he had never heard the likes of.     Read More

Toby’s Adventures

A young city boy is enticed into a strange world by a mysterious creature. He discovers he was once a part of that world and has magical talents of his own.

This is a unique story filled with humour, twists and turns. Enter a world, which follows its own rules. A world of fantasy, magic and suspense. Where anything is possible, and anything can happen.

Paperback Edition is now available here.


Twinkie’s Magic Flute

     Tucked neatly away under Manhatten’s Central Park in New York is a secret gate.  But only some know it is there.

Beyond this gate, lies an enchanted garden where you will find all sorts of things. You will also find a tiny fairy named Twinkie who has made this garden her home.  It is a special place because it is a magical place.

So, we will open the tiny gate and enter Twinkie’s world.  Way up in an apple blossom tree you will find her perched on its branches…

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