“Away From Home”

As the train sped towards union station, its final destination, trees whizzed by and the bright purple and white lilacs became a blur of blended colours.

A train passing the opposite side momentarily blocked out the view of the magnificent landscape and she was left with nothing to do but lean back, close her eyes, and listen to the sounds of the wheels rumbling on the tracks as it raced to its destination.

The rocking motion and the humming of the train’s engine soon lulled her into a deep sleep.

She welcomed what awaited her, and prepared herself for it, the only way she knew how.

She had to dream.

 Enter a world of fantasy, magic and suspense. A world where anything is possible – where anything can happen…


Toby’s Adventures

A young city boy is enticed into a strange world by a mysterious creature. He discovers he was once a part of that world and has magical talents of his own.

This is a unique story filled with humour, twists and turns. Enter a world, which follows its own rules. A world of fantasy, magic and suspense. Where anything is possible, and anything can happen.

Paperback Edition is now available here.


Twinkie’s Magic Flute

     Tucked neatly away under Manhatten’s Central Park in New York is a secret gate.  But only some know it is there.

Beyond this gate, lies an enchanted garden where you will find all sorts of things. You will also find a tiny fairy named Twinkie who has made this garden her home.  It is a special place because it is a magical place.

So, we will open the tiny gate and enter Twinkie’s world.  Way up in an apple blossom tree you will find her perched on its branches…

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L is for Love


L is for the laughter shared with friends and family

O is being overjoyed when they share a gift on my birthday

V is for the very thing I hope and truly wish for

E is for everything my family does and more

Love is what I have for my friends and family every single day

It is the smallest gestures, the smallest pleasures

That mean the most to me

Without those precious moments

Especially those small deeds

I can not count the many times

They would give them up for me

They have taught me how to love and share

How to show great respect and care

I truly could not know just how

If they had not done that for me

Tomorrows Yesterday


We love, we travel

We smell and taste

We were busy yesterday

We did it all in haste


We breathe, we hear

The sounds of a new day

We care deeply, we sleep

So that we could welcome today


Tomorrow, we will love

We will travel and care deeply

We will hope, we will dream

For each day we welcome

Tomorrows yesterday

Tears in the River


They come without warning

Could I but try and dodge them

They were drops that did not

Come down from the heavens

When you feel the nearness of it

Little thought do you put into it

Grant it not out of fear

My heart is stronger now

So I could not bend

I could not bow my head in resolve

With my head held high

I threw those tears in the river