2DAILY PROMPTS:  Tell us about a time when you should have helped someone…but didn’t.

No way.  You can’t have all that stuff hanging off you, expecting me to help you clean it off.  I don’t recall telling you to smother yourself in that stuff.  I don’t like chocolate pudding and I won’t ask how it got there. Help you?  Uhm, “not really, I’m kind of busy like a bee” I will say as I glare at you from the corner of my left eye knowing full well I have nothing to do, at the moment.  I’ll wonder what exactly is going on with your hair.  Can hair do that?  Perhaps turn my head a little too far sideways so you won’t see me grinning from ear to neck.

As you walk away in a little highway huff then accidentally slip on the brown goo I was too busy to help you clean off, of course, only then will I burst out laughing.  Not because I couldn’t stop myself, but because I notice your whole back is covered in chocolate pudding.

Now I know what you were doing in the kitchen.  I certainly didn’t know chocolate pudding could attack you though.  Maybe I better watch it next time when I go for a glass of milk.  Good grief Charlie Brown!