DAILY PROMPT: Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt – “Fake”

I had been looking in earnest for a more senior position in office management and had an interview in response to an ad posted on a well known job board.

My husband had dropped me off for my interview. Since we had brought our little one along, I had packed a 3-day meal basket in case the interview was longer than an hour.  They had to stop by the local grocery store to pick up a few items but returned within 15 minutes, just as I was leaving the building and finishing up with my interview.  No typo.  15 minutes. Did somebody say ‘quick’?  Oh, yes.

To make a short story longer than a hotdog, I had walked into an office with an empty reception desk that looked like it was about to take flight overnight, but not prior to Elvis leaving the building mind you.  Even the nameplate sitting there was blank.  But nothing clicked quite yet, I was excited to be at an interview.  We don’t make it a habit of checking to see if nameplates have names on them, do we? No, this habit is not necessary under normal circumstances.

The other offices were dark except one.  But there, again.  Why didn’t I take note of that? It’s an interview.  You don’t notice lights flashing on and off or desks screaming with fancy name plates.  You’re concentrating on how you are going to ace the interview and nail the job and put the recruiter out of work.  So, you don’t need the distractions, therefore, you don’t see it, however weird they might be.

This is where the girl, Cherry, is to interview me.  At the empty desk with the empty nameplate.  She asked me the regular interview questions, didn’t take notes and didn’t ask if I had any questions.  I had 8 questions I was going to demand answers to that I had stayed up all night preparing.  This is what she tells me:

“Just so you know, this is just an informal interview and we will be calling you within the next two or three days to let you know if you will be proceeding to the next phase of the interview process.  At that time, you will join a panel along with other applicants, where we will go around and ask questions about your career as well as watch a video.  We will then go over the details of the position.  I can’t provide that information to you now until you are selected as one of the successful applicants who will be proceeding to the next stage.  So that’s all I can say about the position.  Thanks for coming.”

Excuse me?  Is anybody here?

Did somebody drink her Tim Hortons and roll up her rim then leave her with the empty cup? I took many painful hours to put on my case of makeup, iron my suit and pack up my husband and child in the car so we could drive in the middle of an early morning snow storm for her to tell me she is not releasing any information about the job I’m sitting here interviewing for.  Therefore, I left confused and joined my husband and child in the car and we drove back home munching on Quaker bars and wondering what just happened.

At home, I Googled the company.  Google knows them.  It was lengthy.  I read about one person who went through the same thing.

I had noticed something else.  “Cherry”, yes, “Cherry”, ripe, red and rosy like those sour tomatoes in your backyard hanging through your neighbors fence.  She had told me to make sure I wear “business attire” and bring three Personal references.  Why can’t I bring three Business references from my previous employers or supervisors who can comment on my work?  What could my personal friends possibly not lie to her about me.  Red flag.  Very red flag.  Red like a tomato. Hence, the red cherry description noted above. Her name should have been Miss Tomato a.k.a. Cherry.

Apparently, the 3 personal acquaintances that I would have provided to her would be contacted and talked into buying their products! It was Miss Cherry’s way of collecting a list of people for their contact list!  Lucky me, I only had the “go ahead and call me and get sued if you’re a scam artist” company references.

Needless to say, she wouldn’t be calling me in 2 or 3 days, but if she had, I would have told her that I found her interview practices to be shady and how soon would they be closing up the office and disappearing into the night.

So I had to look for other work somewhere else, obviously.  Lesson learned though.  Google before you go.  Takes too long to put all that makeup on just to eat Quaker bars in the middle of a snow storm.